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Everything You Need to Know about Playing WMV Videos

Nowadays, more and more people choose WMV as the format to upload and play videos, because the size of WMV format is relatively small, so it takes less time to upload a movie to Internet or download a movie from Internet.

Just most other formats, WMV videos can be played which being downloaded, so if the movie you are interested is WMV format, you don’t have to download the entire movie, generally, the speed of playing a movie is faster than downloading it, so after watching it, you can stop downloading, more people prefer this way. And it is launched by Microsoft, so you don’t have to worry about its functions, even it has a few bugs that really annoying, but this is just for some professionals, which means if you just watch WMV movies, you don’t have to worry about technical issues, because almost all the player can support WMV format, so there is no need to find a special WMV player.

However, there are more situations that WMV can be used. For example, how to watch WMV movies on portable devices, like iPad or Kindle Fire, which are the most popular Tablets nowadays. But the problem is WMV can’t be played directly on these devices, you may know that MP4 is the star that can be supported by Apple products among all those familiar video formats. So if you want to watch WMV movies on your iPod touch or whatever else, you need to know how to convert wmv to mp4, I think this is the biggest demand to WMV in current trend.

If you want the idea effect of converting videos, you just need a good converter. To convert videos is a complicated process, I am not saying that the specific operations are very complete, it’s just there are so many videos format out there, so convert from one to another with the idea effect is really a little hard. But once you have chosen a good converter, the following task is very simple.

WMV Converter and Free Online WMV Converter are the good ones among a bunch of free WMV converters, it’s not easy to find a good free wmv converter, you know, free things always have drawbacks. The pro of these two converters is they are totally free, yet they have respective cons. WMV Converter contains advertise that may make your computer and system unsafe. Free Online WMV Converter costs you more time to download the converted video files from the server. You must be online when the conversion process is running.

Sometime, you will download a WMV movie that has DRM protection from iTunes, which will prevent you playing this video with copyrights hurdling, it is not a big deal, a drm removal can fix this problem, it is just some movie company want to make more money, but we have our own tricks to fight them, right?

OK, now you know enough about WMV format, I bet you won’t have any problems to use this popular format, no matter on PC or Tablets or cell phones.[img]

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Alternative Comedy “Accepted”

What would you do if you are rejected by eight colleges and your parents have high expectations on you? Keeping learning in high school until being accepted by college? I guess most people will choose this way, but no matter what you gonna do, you definitely won’t create a nonexistent college by yourself, just like what Bartleby Gaines does in film “Accepted”. This movie is very interesting, if you like it, you can upload it to your portable devices with video converter for mac, so that you can enjoy it anytime anywhere.

Bartleby Gaines is played by Justin Long, he is not that kind of famous actors, if you just Google Justin, his name never gonna show in the first place, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake always rank before him, so when people say Justin Long, the first impression may be “Huh?”. Actually, he cooperated with many famous actresses and actors like Bruce Willis and Jennifer Aniston and chosen by Steve Jobs to be the spokesman of Apple Mac, but these experience seemed haven’t helped him to become more famous, but his performance has been approved by everyone, critics or audiences.

In “Accepted”, Justin Long acts a high school student named Bartleby Gaines, thanks to his face that always looks like a boy not a man. Gaines and his friends, Hands (Columbus Short), a football player who lost his scholarship due to injury, and Rory (Maria Thayer), a girl who fell short of her Ivy League dream, convince their social-misfit friend Glen (Adam Herschman), who attends nearby Harmon University, to create a fake college website and fake acceptance letters to please their parents. They then lease an abandoned psychiatric hospital, complete with rubber rooms, and clean it up then establish this South Harmon Institute of Technology (the acronym is intentional).

But what surprises them is many students who haven’t been accepted by those real colleges find their website and apply for entrance, Gaines has to accept them because he can understand them, he knows it’s not gonna work just depends on this fake college, but they can do nothing in current situations, so they have to keep playing their roles to maintain the operation of this school. What happens next will be very funny, that’s for sure, a bunch of kids try to run a college and make it become legal. If you would like to share this movie with your friends, you can convert the DVD version to any format with avs video converter mac so that you can transfer it to any device.

Maybe most parents think what these young people do is nonsense and feel mad about it, but they don’t have to worry about, because this is never gonna happen in the real world, and this is why we love this film, it expresses our voices in a exaggerated way, it tells us that we have something to look forward to.

This comedy is not the same with others, because it has a kind of rebellious spirit to the system of education.

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Top 3 Multi-Player Games for iPhone

There are so many multi-player games for your iPhone in App Store, so it may be hard to choose which one to play, well, as a faithful game player, here are my favorite multi-player games, you can check out if you like. And if you want to transfer these games or other stuff to your computer to share it with friends or others, iphone to pc transfer can help.


If you are a football fan, FIFA is the best multi-player game for you, and nothing is more interesting than a football game (just personal preference), take FIFA 12 on the iPhone, for example, with its new control system. While it may include a virtual direction control and buttons for shooting, passing, etc, it also offers some swipe controls, double taps, and player selection by just touching them. And free kicks are now taken in a sort of Flick Kick Football fashion; you swipe through the ball to send it in the direction you wish from a 3D rear view.

2. Fruit Ninja

It’s the most interesting fruit game ever. Here are the tips for you to gain more achievements.

Cutting the pineapple 3 times in a row

What you need to do is wait until two in a row fly up then wait and pray that there's a third. If don’t want to cut the fruit then move on.

Lovely Bunch Achievement help

To get the "Lovely Bunch", you need a combo of 6 coconuts in Zen Mode (may also be achieveable in other modes).

Year of the Dragon Achievement help

For the special fruit secret, you play classic mode and eventually a big fruit will fly across the screen from left to right. Not only will you get the achievement but you will also get 50 bonus points. For the secret ones, you have to get 0 fruit, 69 fruit, 99 fruit, and you have to get your exact high score, then you just let youself lose.

3. Infinity Blade

An iPhone game with graphics as good as any classical PC or console game. Infinity Blade uses Unreal Engine 3 to give you some of the best graphics available on a mobile game. Infinity Blade is a sword fighting action game. You can use the Gamecenter multi-player to play a match against available online players. In the multi-player mode, one player is responsible for controlling the main hero of the game, hacking, and slashing by swiping fingers across the screen, while the other player controls the main monster bosses who also control weapon slashes by swiping their fingers across the screen. The goal of both – kill each other.

These games generally can be played in all iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but I only have iPhone 4, and sometimes it will have serious problems when I playing games or doing other things, so it’s really necessary to know how to restore iPhone 4, and if you have the same problem like me, you should know it, too, because when you utilize your devices too much like playing those games all the time, the damage is inevitable.


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